Did Construction Of An Affordable Housing Complex Damage a Neighboring Hotel?

C.C. de Vere

C.C. de Vere

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Picture of 7-story Hollywood Arts Collective under construction on the left, dwarfing two-story Cielo Hotel on the right.

1624 Schrader Boulevard has provided tourist lodging just a stone's throw from the Walk of Fame for years. It was badly damaged by a fire early Sunday morning.

Fortunately, no one was staying in the building at the time. You see, 1624 Schrader has been empty for some time now.

For once, it's most likely NOT the owner's fault.

The building last changed hands in 2020, and the owner leased it to a hotelier that was in the process of a remodel. It had been a hostel for many years, and was being converted into the boutique Cielo Hotel.

Unfortunately, construction can affect adjacent properties. It's especially unfortunate when construction of affordable housing is causing problems for the building next door.

When the Hollywood Arts Collective was announced, I was hopeful. Artists are being priced out of Los Angeles, a city whose economy runs in part on creativity.

The seven-story HAC building at 1630 Schrader replaces a much smaller building that was, coincidentally, also a hostel. And the owner of 1624 Schrader is suing the developer, alleging damage caused by the addition of subterranean construction.

Now, I can believe that. I remember reading, years ago, about construction of a certain New York department store's underground parking garage causing problems for a nearby subway station. While underground garages are a good way to provide tenant parking without sacrificing above-ground space that could be used for housing (or in this case ground-floor retail, offices, etc.), underground construction can be tricky, especially when the project is so close to its neighbors.

The lawyer for 1624 Schrader's owner says the building is so damaged that doors won't close (hence the halted renovation and lack of guests). The developer is denying wrongdoing and citing their respectable track record of building affordable housing.

I'll be watching this case closely - and I'd love to hear what LADBS inspectors, structural engineers, and any other relevant professionals out there have to say about this.

I do still have hope for the Hollywood Arts Collective, but the safety issues with the neighboring building need to be addressed before someone gets hurt.

1624 Schrader Boulevard, Hollywood.

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