Doomed In Westlake

C.C. de Vere

C.C. de Vere

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2519 West 4th Street, a beige two-story apartment building next to palm trees and under a blue sky with white clouds.

(Photo courtesy of Esotouric)

A little apartment building has stood at 2519 W. 4th Street in Westlake since 1939.

When it sold in January 2022, it was described as "R3 TOC Tier 3 lot ripe for development" and suggested that the buyers collect rent while waiting on permits. an occupied property with the intention of displacing the tenants later. To me, that just sounds gross.

The new owners have already made a development filing. It's not an Ellis Act property, at least.

I am not opposed to development per se, but there are ways to develop with minimal displacement, and I hate seeing existing affordable housing disappear. We all need a place to live.

Do the tenants still live there?

Do they know they're likely to be displaced?

Will the property have any replacement affordable units? (There's always a solid chance the answer to that will be "no.")

Westlake is not exactly a wealthy community. When the tenants are displaced, where will they go?

2519 W. 4th Street, Westlake.

C.C. de Vere

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