Tell City Council: Enough Short-Term Rentals Already!

C.C. de Vere

C.C. de Vere

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WDSU News screenshot of a woman holding up a "Neighbors Not Tourists, No Airbnb" sign

If you're reading this, you probably have some idea of what the short-term rental epidemic has done to LA - especially to vulnerable renters.

Here's the thing: you can speak up and tell City Council what's what.

Fill out a public comment form here (it's the third icon at the top that says "NEW" in red).

Have loud, messy, disruptive guests made your neighborhood hell, harassed you, or maybe even entered your home? Were you or someone you know displaced for a short-term rental? Is your landlord slowly turning your building into an illegal hotel? Are you unable to find affordable housing in your neighborhood (or anywhere) because everything's on Airbnb, VRBO, etc.?

Tell your story - no matter how ugly it gets. City Council needs to know that this is NOT okay.

C.C. de Vere

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C.C. de Vere is a fourth-generation Angeleno. She is horrified at what greed and hubris are doing to Los Angeles.

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