The Battle of Otsego Street, Part 2

C.C. de Vere

C.C. de Vere

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Screenshot of permit and inspection report for 10800 Otsego Street, showing four recent closed complaints

Regular readers will be familiar with the Battle of Otsego Street. Three blighted properties are causing serious problems for two blocks' worth of neighbors.

The battle is escalating into a war, and the city is STILL dragging its feet.

Redditor u/ruthi, quoted in the original entry, reached out to me. In part:

Last I've heard was that one (maybe two) of the Otsego properties is due to be demolished but they're waiting on budget approval for someone to come in and test for asbestos (it's been maybe 6 months since that was announced), the one at 10800 Otsego which became a garbage dump is still a garbage dump, though it seems like something spooked them this past week as people have been in and out of there.

u/ruthi is correct; 10936 Otsego and 10927 are both on the abatement list. 10927 received an Order to Comply.

Unfortunately, it has gotten worse. All bolding is mine:

It got much worse over the past few months, there's been a loud generator running the place and car repair happening out front for a while, then reached a breaking point when they also got a large guard dog which was making the neighborhood nervous. I talked with the field deputy and inspector for our district and it sounds like a new round of warnings have been issued, but those are always temporary fixes.

Warnings. Really? YEARS of the owner ignoring accountability and all the city does is issue WARNINGS?!

u/ruthi continued:

They've already had one dog escape their property without a leash or collar. It was only identified when I brought it to a local vet who checked the microchip and when we called the number realized that the dog belonged to someone at that address. The owner of the dog accused us of stealing it (it had run up to us while we were outside and we didn't know where it came from) and threatened us a lot about it. We returned the dog and got a peek inside of the unit and it was a junkyard inside and out, nothing but trash and bikes.

So...destructive and hostile squatters, unleashed and unsupervised dogs, noise, nuisance activity, an absentee owner, and it seems the neighbors have NO real recourse.

Here are 10936 Otsego's code enforcement complaints. As you can see, several more have been filed - and all of them have been closed - since the original entry.

Here are 10927 Otsego's code enforcement complaints. Same story here - more complaints, all closed, in the past three months.

Here are 10800 Otsego's code enforcement complaints. More complaints, all closed, since the original entry. This is the only one of the three houses that isn't on the abatement list - but it sounds like perhaps it should be.

There's no way in hell that the City of Los Angeles would allow this in a wealthier neighborhood. But because it's North Hollywood, they don't give a damn.

10936 Otsego Street, North Hollywood.

10927 Otsego Street, North Hollywood.

10800 Otsego Street, North Hollywood.

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